Probably Nothing Genesis NFT

Your Key to the
Probably Nothing Ecosystem

We believe non-fungible tokens will become the standard way to license software in the future;  NFTs will gate access to events and experiences including video calls, paid content, and in-person events. The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT (gNFT) will be integral to opening some of these gates, and will combine with Probably Nothing Holder Tiers to increase and compound benefits.

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Benefits of holding a Probably Nothing gNFT

Boosted rewards for staking (soon)
Boosted rewards for Product Ø referrals
Dope artwork
Discounts on merch
Non-Fungibles Experiences

Non-Fungible Experiences (NFEs)

NFEs are 1-of-1 events that will be introduced dynamically as the project progresses. Some examples of current NFEs include:

A 1:1 call with Fungibles

Share a meal with a team member at a future NFT conference

gNFT holders will also have the ability to suggest and vote on future NFE opportunities.

The supply of gNFTs is very limited, with a maximum possible supply of 777 NFTs and a current circulating supply of less than 700. The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT is available on the secondary markets including OpenSea and LooksRare.

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