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Our Story

On a cold day in the fall day of 2021, amidst a flurry of new meme tokens, an anonymous team launched $PN.

After a rough start Fungibles stepped in, convincing the founders to send him 90 ETH from the treasury to take over the project while simultaneously placing a bet that he could wrestle the term “probably nothing” away from the lexicon, forever turning the popular meme name into a serious tech company.

It wasn’t even Christmas yet.

Probably Nothing is more than a meme. It’s a case study in how businesses of the future will operate. Guided by strong values and championed by a passionate community, Probably Nothing is way more than a meme.

The new team has over $650 million dollars of combined enterprise valuations across ten high-tech startups. 90% of the team has been in crypto since 2017, with 2 as early as 2013.They are as serious as it gets, and are working on a real product to exchange value with a token whose name everyone already knows.

What could go wrong? Probably Nothing.

Our Values

Our behavior is guided by true values, true to the core. We believe in:

• Consistent communication often
• High Integrity
• Innovation that can quickly adjust with market conditions
• Creativity through good design
• Gamification as an antithesis to boredom
• Transparency

Our Team

Probably Nothing’s founding team has created over $650 million in combined enterprise valuations across ten high-tech startups over the past decade and 90% of the members have been in crypto since 2017.


Head of Strategy

Audie Sheridan

Technical Lead


Lead Creative

Blockchain Padawan

Head of Ops

Kid Lash

Head of Marketing


Community Manager


Steve Aoki

Justin Taylor



Stay tuned for upcoming reveals.

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