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We believe your most valuable asset is time and are creating a suite of products designed to save time when managing your Web3 portfolio.


What is Probably Nothing?

Probably Nothing is a Web3 company building a platform for NFT collectors with our ERC-20 token, PRBLY, at the center of the ecosystem. Now that is definitely something.

Probably Nothing Ecosystem Benefits

Genesis NFT

The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT is your key to the ecosystem. The Genesis NFT will be integrated into all aspects of Probably Nothing from the start. Everything we develop will be enhanced by holding a Genesis NFT, providing additional access and an upgraded experience.


Staking PRBLY is a mechanism that reduces the amount of circulating tokens available, driving demand and scarcity. We want to reward holders who believe in the long-term success of the project enough to stake their tokens and have allocated 10% of the total supply for staking rewards. Stake your PRBLY tokens, receive rewards.


Think of this as a Web3 loyalty program. $PRBLY holders are rewarded for their participation in the project in many ways starting with holder tiers which reward the community for supporting Probably Nothing. Read our Whitepaper to learn more.

App (“ZERØ”)

Next in our series of products, ZERØ is created with NFT collectors in mind who do not have enough time to manage their growing portfolio. This product demonstrates the full utility for PRBLY by creating a circular economy within the ecosystem. To gain lifetime access, mint a ZERØ Genesis Pass today!

What would you do with more time?

Spend time doing what you love. On average, we save users with large portfolios an hour each day. What would you do with an extra week day to play?

Learn More About
Probably Nothing
Probably Nothing is more than a meme, it is a case study in how businesses of the future will operate. Guided by strong values and championed by a passionate community.
Visit the following sites to learn more about the PRBLY token:

Our Team

Probably Nothing’s founding team has created over $650 million in combined enterprise valuations across ten high-tech startups over the past decade and 90% of the members have been in crypto since 2017.


Head of Strategy

Audie Sheridan

Technical Lead


Lead Creative

Blockchain Padawan

Head of Ops

Kid Lash

Head of Marketing

Fuck Steve

Community Manager

The Dude

Head of Product


Steve Aoki

DJ, Producer and Entrepreneur

Justin Taylor

Free Agent Marketing Leader, previously with Twitter, Nike, and Activision

JD Gagnon

Web3 Founder, Entrepreneur and Venture Partner

Matt Colon

Global President of Music at YM&U Group

Stay tuned for upcoming reveals.

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Probably Nothing?

Back in November 2021, @fungibles placed a big bet on a token about Probably Nothing and is leading the transition from a meme coin project to a web3 tech company. Probably Nothing is more than a meme; we are a passionate community, a seasoned team with real values, building a real product and creating an ecosystem with real utility. Read on to learn about Zerø and the Probably Nothing Ecosystem.

What is zerø?

Zerø is a mobile application for digital asset collectors, with an initial focus on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We take updates and announcements from the projects you hold/follow, condense them into 280 character summaries, and deliver them directly to your phone. These notifications are customizable by project (BAYC, DeGods, Rug Radio, etc.) and notification type (Airdrop, Mint, Allowlist, DAO Vote, etc). Only receive the types of notifications you want from the projects you care about and never miss a drop!

How can i participate in zero?

- As a User: log in, select your projects and notification preferences then wait for our curators to work their magic; it’s that simple!

- As a Curator: distill information into 280 characters or less and receive $PRBLY tokens as a reward

-As a Validator: review curated messages and verify the accuracy of the information to receive $PRBLY tokens as a reward

How do I access Zerø?

We are currently in a closed beta and holding any of the following assets will get you access to Zerø, just visit to verify and join

- $PRBLY Tokens: having at least 10k tokens gets you into our closed beta. Holding 50k tokens will also include 2 months of free access to our premium level of subscription. Each progressive holder tier unlocks additional levels of access. Buy $PRBLY on Uniswap

- Probably Nothing Genesis NFT (gNFT) gets you into the closed beta and 6 months of premium access.
Pick up a gNFT on OpenSea or Blur

- Zerø Genesis Pass (zNFT) gets you into the closed beta as well as LIFETIME access to the premium version of the app. Mint a zNFT:

What tokens exist in the Probably Nothing ecosystem?

$PRBLY is the ERC20 utility token of the Probably Nothing ecosystem. Earn $PRBLY as a reward for participating, and we will burn $PRBLY for time saved on the app. Earn and burn baby! Learn more:

Contract Address: 0x6361F338Ab8DEf2AF3f2A1Be7BD8A7dB3156F7E7

Buy PRBLY on Uniswap

The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT (gNFT) is the key to the Probably Nothing ecosystem. Holders of the gNFT receive access to the closed beta of Zerø, as well as 6 months of premium access. They will be the first to serve as content curators and validators and earn $PRBLY rewards. And the benefits don’t stop there:

Buy a gNFT on Opensea or Blur

The Zerø Genesis Pass (zNFT) provides lifetime access to the most premium level of Zerø. All the top features, no additional cost, all for life. For more info:

Mint a zNFT:

I am interested in working together, how do I contact you?

You can contact us by joining our Discord or emailing us: info[@]

What should I do next?

- Follow Probably Nothing on Twitter
- Join our Discord to find out why we have the greatest community in the space
- Read our Whitepaper

Ready to help inform the future of Probably Nothing?
If we had a patent on positivity, our community would be the IP!
Ready to help inform the future of Probably Nothing?
If we had a patent on positivity, our community would be the IP!